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Bukit Cerakah Paintball!

Location: Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam
Date: 20th July 2008
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Occasion: 4th time paintballing & devirginizing Alexis

Left the house to rendezvous with the guys at Subang Jaya(SJ) at 8:00am. Left SJ at 8:45am and arrived at Bkt Cerakah around 9:30am-10:00am. Distance traveled, 14km.

A pic of the entire safe zone.

A light buffet consisting of scambled eggs, baked beans, bread, tuna spread and water were provided for us to ensure we are at top forms for the day.

Sufficient tents are provided for everybody to get ready under.

A chrono machine is provided in their test firing area.

First come, first serve. You want the chilling spot first, you gotta come first. I didn't want it cause I don't want to be walking up and down when I'm exhausted later.

Violators will be banned!

Barrel socks are only allowed to be taken off in here where paintballers chrono their markers. There are targets to fire at.

Everybody prepared for the first game and took off at 11:00am.

Map: Sacred Valley
Terrain: Flat straight path with man made obstacles.
Objective: A single flag is to be taken from the middle and place in the opponent's base.
Time limit: 20 minutes.
Win: All enemy eliminated or objective is acheived.
Draw: Timeout.
Lose: Wipeout of team or enemy completes their objectives.
(This applies to both sides)

Marshals were up there to spectate. Players are not allowed up there.

Path of the right flank from the view of the entry team. The path which I took.

The center path, from left to right.

The main, straight path of the sacred valley. The choke point is further up ahead.
(Ok, it has little turns here and there but its basically straight)

Sandbags nearby the choke point.

Me at their left flank, slowly making way with another guy through. There was a sniper on the opposite so we had to move under natural cover.

With the amount of cover I had, I could pop-up to scout out for enemies.

Me sneaking further into their left flank.

I was successful! I took out 2 or 3 players from the enemies' frontline's 8 o'clock. I had the time to line up my aim and open fire. I only lacked the Rate of Fire(Wasn't sure about hitting the 3rd guy). Would have been a true cleche if I could headshot 3 of them using only 3 pallets.

Game 1 Summary:
We played on the Sacred Valley. Its known for it's straight valley and flat terrain with man made obstacles in it and the hills along both the sides of the valley. These hills had natural cover from the jungle as it was thick. One should be aware of flankers and ambushes within these parts. We were given a 20 minutes break after the first round.

Map: Scorpion's Nest
Terrain: Square-ish map with uneven terrain throughout the map.
Offender's Objective: Capture both flags from the defending team and or eliminate all threats.
Defender's Objective: Defend 2 flags from it being captured by the Offenders and or eliminate all threats.
Time limit: 40 minutes.
Win: All enemy eliminated or objective is acheived.
Lose: Wipeout of team or enemy completes their objectives.

Offending team switched sides with Defending team but timelimit was changed to 15 minutes.

Map: ~Unknown~ (Was in the washroom during briefing.. dot dot dot....)
Terrain: Uneven, very thick part of the jungle with tones of places to hide in/behind.
Marine's Objective: Extract the VIP from the building.
Win: VIP is safely escorted to safe zone.
Lose: VIP is killed.
Terrorist's Objective: Prevent extracting of the VIP.
Win: Eliminate all Marines or kill the VIP after having contact or timeout.
Lose: VIP is escorted into safety.
Time limit: 40 minutes.
Side notes: VIP can only be harmed upon having contact with the extraction team. Enemy has possesion of the building and surrounding area. Ratio Marine:Terrorist, 2:1

Pics of the 2nd-4th Games won't be shown here so you'll have to go an experience it yourself. Plus, my photographer/gf got lazy.
View picture below..

But instead, I have other random pictures taken by her and me during our time at Bukit Cerakah. I hope this post has been helpful to those wanting to know more about Bukit Cerakah's side of Woodsball. Chaoz!

Spot the sniper!

Now that ought to hurt!

My shot which landed on Adil's arm.

Game briefing.

A shot I took from a sniper. Litterally ate paint.

All I had for lunch.

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...The End...


Name : Ashley Wolf
Nick : Lonewolf
Clan : [ESP]
Call Sign: Wolf
Marker : A5 Stealth
-Name : Alexis
-Gender : Female

Marker Build-

Barrel: Flatline
Marker: A5
Stock : Adj.Stock
Hopper: Strd. Hopper
Accs : Remote Line

Field Summary-


Wide open fields
Light growth jungles
Moderate cover
Unpassable terrains(Lakes)
CQB & Ranged Fire Fights
Great for rushing
View distance 1-100m

Bukit Cerakah:-

Little open spaces
Thick jungle
Lots of cover
Might get lost inside
Mostly CQB
Great for camping
View distance 1-45m



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